Creative Ruminations

From time to time, it is helpful to just spend some time creating and exploring for the sake of the exercise. The root of working as a creative is that fire that burns for imagination and storytelling. Not every venture is a success, but each time I step into something new, I learn about myself and my process. These ruminations enrich my ability to work with clients and my support team.

What He Left You

“What He Left You” tells the story of a son searching for resolution in the wake of his father’s death. Awarded Best Performance for Dario Giordani, Best Technical Direction, and Best Film at the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival in 2012. The film was also optioned by Gaiam TV and can be found streaming and On-Demand. 

Stealing Canada

Stealing Canada is a television script written by Tyler Burton Smith. To create an opening title sequence, I took over 300 photos. Each shot was brought into photoshop and given a high dynamic range treatment (HDR). 


Solace is a 2010 Adobe Design Achievement Award semi-finalist in Live Action. However, this film’s story was created backwards. Most projects begin with a visual treatment, but this particular project did not find its narrative until the sound design fell into place.